South Shore Bike link Two‑way traffic on the Circuit Gilles‑Villeneuve South Shore Bike link

South Shore Bike link

December 2, 2017 to April 15, 2018

The bike link between the South Shore (Saint‑Lambert) and Parc Jean‑Drapeau is closed from December 2, 2017 to April 15, 2018. See you next year!

Two‑way traffic on the Circuit Gilles‑Villeneuve

December 1st, 2017 to April 14, 2018

As of December 1st, the portion between the hairpin (northern part of the circuit) and the PAvillon du Canada will become two‑way for motorists. The bike path of the circuit will not be maintained. Please use caution and share the road.

Plan your trip and avoid unpleasant surprises by consulting often the important notices or the schedule of activities and events that are of interest to you.

Parc Jean-Drapeau
Aquatic Complex

Aquatic Complex


2017 Season Closed
2018 Season Opened

Because of the work being carried out on the Enhancement and Development Plan (PAMV) for the south sector of Île Sainte-Hélène, which is taking place close to the Aquatic Complex, the pools in the Complex will be closed for the 2017 season.

After extensive analyses, thoughts and discussions with the engineers and architects involved in this project, we agreed we would be unable to ensure a safe environment for our clientele and employees, nor could we offer a customer experience that meets our usual high standards.

During the time span the Complex is closed this summer, swimmers will still be able to take a refreshing dip in the Jean-Doré Beach, at Parc Jean-Drapeau.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have to close the Aquatic Complex in 2017?

We decided to close the Aquatic Complex in 2017 because it is located just beside the sector where the renovations will be occurring on Île Sainte‑Hélène in conjunction with the execution of work pertaining to the enhancement and development plan (PAMV).

After many analyses, thoughts and discussions with the engineers and architects involved in the project, we agreed it would be impossible to ensure a safe environment for our clientele and employees in 2017, nor would we be able to offer a customer experience that meets our usual high standards.

What are these risks and disruptions?

The Aquatic Complex is situated next to the PAMV construction site and is in the direction of the prevailing winds. The construction work will inevitably generate noise (demolition, excavation, foundation work), vibrations and a considerable amount of dust, which will affect the clientele. Not to mention the high amount of traffic from the trucks and heavy equipment in this particular area.

Added to this are other works, including the installation of a retaining wall to ensure the stability of the Complex's infrastructures due to the construction of a new mechanic ventilation well and the replacing of Île Sainte‑Hélène main aqueduct system, which explains our difficulty in being able to maintain the water quality of the pools.

The water quality of the pools will be affected and the dust might damage the filtration system, which could lead to sporadic or prolonged closures of the pools. And, the overall safety of pool users might be jeopardized (ex: noise, murky water, making it difficult for lifeguards to do their job).

Couldn't you open the pool on weekends when the contractor isn't on the construction site?

The dust generated by the work during the week puts the water filtration system of the pools at risk, to the extent that we are simply unable to refill the pools for the 2017 season.

Moreover, it's possible the contractor will be working on the site on weekends. We can't take the risk of planning for the opening of the pools if there is work being conducted.

Will the Aquatic Complex be closed in 2018, too?

The Aquatic Complex will be open for the 2018 season.

Why are you announcing this closure now when you notified the Federations in 2016 the Complex would be open in 2017?

We didn't have all the required information at the time to make a definite decision. Our intention at the time was to keep the Aquatic Complex open, but the details about the type of work that needed to be done and the related risks convinced us otherwise.

What sports federations train at the Aquatic Complex?

Synchronized swimming, swimming, water-polo, diving and triathlon.

What are you doing with the sports events that were supposed to be held at the Aquatic Complex in 2017?

In the fall of 2016, we notified the Federations and Sports Clubs that, due to the PAMV work, it would not be possible to hold events at the Aquatic Complex.

We worked with the City of Montréal's sports department to try to come up with alternative solutions to relocate them, and help them stage their respective events. As of now, all of the affected sports federations have been relocated.

Where will the athletes go to train?

The federations will train at Parc Olympique and the Sports Clubs were relocated to various Montréal boroughs thanks to a collaboration with the City of Montréal's sports department, which allowed us to find other venues for the Sports Clubs' training sessions.

Did you consult with the sports federations before making this decision?

Since the decision that was made was based on facts relating to the safety of the users and Parc Jean-Drapeau's operations, consulting with the sports federations to reach a decision was not possible.

The temporary closure is inevitable considering the work which has to be done for the PAMV, a project announced in 2015 and one which has a very positive impact for the Parc.

Are there any alternatives for clients who usually came to the Parc?

The Aquatic Complex's clients can continue to come and swim at Parc Jean-Drapeau this summer, at the Jean-Doré Beach. Situated on Île Notre-Dame, Jean-Doré Beach provides open-water swimming for training sessions, and has a huge area for recreational swimming.

The admission price for both facilities is the same, so the Beach will be just as accessible for Montrealers to come for a refreshing dip. We are also working with other aquatic facility operators to redirect the clientele.

Will there be more announcements in the near future of more closures of activities or facilities at Parc Jean-Drapeau due to the PAMV?

We are currently evaluating all of the issues relating to the PAMV work and the shifting of some events. If there are other changes in our program, we will assuredly announce them at the appropriate time.

Alternative Jean-Doré Beach




Before visiting, please consult the regulations for the Aquatic Complex.

  • Anyone not complying with the regulations is subject to a warning. The Société du parc Jean-Drapeau reserves the right to eject anyone that does not obey the rules or warnings.
  • The Société du parc Jean-Drapeau is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

Getting to Aquatic Complex

Jean-Drapeau subway station



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