Parc Jean-Drapeau
Universal accessibility

Universal accessibility

The Parc Jean-Drapeau team makes every effort to accommodate people with reduced mobility and functional limitations. The existing infrastructures are partially accessible and eventually adjustments will be made to ensure full accessibility. In this respect, all of the new buildings at the Parc will be accessible.

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Currently, the reception booths are not accessible for people with reduced mobility; for now, there is no lowered counter or access ramps.

The Parc is planning to include ramps and adapted reception counters for all new facilities, including the Reception Pavilion of the new site on île Sainte-Hélène that will open in 2019.

Wheel chairs

Please note there are wheel chairs at the Athletes' Quarters, the Beach and the Aquatic Complex. The wheel chairs can be loaned to clientele if need be. They are functional and adjusted to the access of all locations at the Parc.

Picnic tables

There are 31 picnic tables adapted on the site, located near or inside the facilities: the wooded area of the Plaine des jeux near the Aquatic Complex (12), Biosphère (3), Olympic Basin (3), Jean-Doré Beach (3), Jardins des Floralies (2), etc.

The washrooms

Most of the washroom facilities at the Parc are accessible to people with reduced mobility (Pavillon de La Tunisie, Jean-Doré beach, Aquatic Complex, Athletes' Quarters and beneath the Concorde Bridge, etc.).

Parking areas

Places reserved for motorists bearing a car sticker for a handicapped person are available in most of the Parc Jean-Drapeau parking lots.

Subway station

An elevator will be in installed at the Jean-Drapeau subway station in 2019. But please note that, as of now, no elevator has been installed in any of the other subway stations on the yellow line.


STM buses at the Parc are currently equipped with front and back ramps.

Jean-Doré Beach

At Jean-Doré Beach, there is a sidewalk around the facility, making it easier for clientele to circulate between the P4 and P5 parking area, site entrance and the changing rooms.

Also, a pool chair specially adapted for people with reduced mobility is available.

Aquatic Complex

The Aquatic Complex is accessible to people with reduced mobility, since it has an elevator and an adapted washroom.

A gentle slope in the recreational pool makes it more accessible for people with reduced mobility. A pool chair especially adapted for people with reduced mobility is also available.

Please note the grandstands are not accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Athletes' Quarters

The Athletes Quarters are set up to make it easier for the entry and mobility of people in wheelchairs. The main door of the facility is automated.


The Accès 2 card and the Tourist and Leisure Companion Sticker (TLCS) are accepted at Jean-Doré Beach and the Aquatic Complex, providing the companion with a free ticket.

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