Vibe to 150 years with us!

Our creative approach

Société du parc Jean-Drapeau Humainement spectaculaire!

Celebrating humanity

Our Parc was born out of audacity and constant desire to come together to experience unforgettable moments. At the very core of our new campaign lies a rallying cry, a hymn celebrating humanity and all that is most spectacular about it.

Spectacularly human!

A place of a thousand landscapes

Parc Jean-Drapeau embodies the essence of the people who visit it, a place of a thousand landscapes that kindle emotions, a sense of joy and stretching boundaries. Just think about the memorable times it has been witness to: Expo 67, which brought nations together, Man and His World, which welcomed artists from around the globe, the Floralies internationales, which awed millions of visitors, the 1976 Olympics and the F1 Grand Prix automobile races, which enabled athletes to exceed their limits.

Vibrez de pur plaisir

Vibrez de bonheur

Vibrez de bonheur

Vibrez d'histoire

Vibrez de bonheur

Vibrez de féérie

Vibrez de dépassement

Vibrez de bonheur

Vibrez d'émotions

Vibrez d'hiver

Vibrez de bonheur

Vibrez de bonheur

Vibe to 150 years
with us!

And all of this is still happening right here today! Over the seasons, the course of events and gatherings, our Parc has always been able to get people vibing, and it continues to do so. It is this vibe, this indescribable emotion that envelopes us, now and forever.

Humainement spectaculaire!