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Conservation and design plan

Société du parc Jean-Drapeau Management Plan

The conservation plan presents the orientations regarding the restoration, preservation, rehabilitation and enhancement of Parc Jean-Drapeau.

Adding to the flagship and special orientations applicable park-wide, there are orientations specific to each of the developed entities, based on the following categories: spatial organization, visual relationship, transportation system and mineralized surfaces, buildings, art works, vegetation habitats and water environments.

The conservation plan will reinforce the organization's sense of responsibility in terms of the longevity of its heritages, both in its daily activities and work planning.

Flagship orientations

Protect the natural and built environment

Encourage minimal intervention on landscape elements that evoke the spirit of the place

Preserve and convey the cultural and natural heritage values

Ensure coherence throughout the changes

Landscape entities

The entities are defined as being sub-spaces characterized by their uniformity or specificities. The full list of landscape entities can be found in Chapter 7 of the comprehensive Plan.

Here is an overview of some of the entities set out in the Plan:

Mont Boullé

  • A playground that is accessible, inclusive and freely used
  • Flowery meadows that foster biodiversity, pollinators and cooling islands

The great river promenade

  • 1 km of new contemporary park
  • A distinctive water gateway
  • An open public place overlooking the river and the city
  • Water environments devoted to ecological transition
  • Vast re-naturalized spaces for residents of the central sectors

Place des Nations and lac des Cygnes

  • The "people's place", a space for all
  • A direct connection to the natural environment
  • A Man and His World entirely revived
  • The re-appropriation of the Saint Lawrence River

The multi-purpose Jacques-Cartier building

  • An all-purpose welcome and mobility area

Expo-Express Bridge

  • Railway remnants transformed into a "High Line" promenade

Cosmos walkway

  • A new international iconic image for Montréal
  • The first green urban bridge in Québec
  • A social and ecological public place

Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve

  • Signature walkways: an impactful gesture for sustainable mobility
  • Reconciling the myriad uses

Notre-Dame parterre

  • A wide array of citizen experiences
  • Vast revitalized green spaces for the Montréal population

Canals' gardens

  • Katimavik: revive the ingenuity of the Expo 67 site
  • Eco-responsible practices in terms of green spaces
  • A renewed atmosphere on the canals of île Notre-Dame

The filtering marshes

  • An immersion into ecologically efficient landscapes