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Helpful hints
from Pascal Morrissette

The Fête des neiges is fast approaching, an event that's going to be full of fun and frivolity! But to enjoy it to the utmost, I have some VERY SERIOUS advice to give you!

Pascal Morrissette - Friday January 10, 2020

1. Earrings!

Since your pass enables you to access all the activities, for the four weekends the event is being held, make some pretty earrings out of the pass — that way you won't lose it!

2. Take the métro!

Take the métro to get here! I'm talking about the means of transportation, not the grocery store... coming here as a grocery store would be pretty weird!

3. On your feet?

It's important that you put your gloves on your hands and not your feet. Unless you have very long toenails... then it would work.

4. Smile!

When you're at the Fête des neiges, have a smile on your face AT ALL TIMES! You never know when I might show up to take a selfie with you!

5. Impress the crowd!

Practice your best dance steps to impress the crowd at the Boulathèque! Who knows, you might be able to form a duo or trio with Boule de neige?

6. Inviting the entire province of Québec!

There's still time to get your presale passes. With the money you save, you could even buy ANOTHER presale pass to invite a friend AND with the savings on this second pass, you could buy a third one, and so on, so you wind up inviting the entire province of Québec to come and enjoy the event with you.

Pretty clever, eh? ;)

I just love sliding!

And, to finish with a flourish, here's my list of activities that you absolutely must try while you're on the event site:

  • The tube slide (I'm really fond of sliding!)
  • The giant foosball game
  • The tube slide (I just love sliding!)
  • The skaters' path (the view of Montréal from there is absolutely gorgeous)
  • The tube slide (once you've bought the pass, you're guaranteed 8 days of sliding!)
  • Cirque Éloize's alpine adventure (to really get an eyeful!)
  • I'm hesitating here, but I would say... TUBE SLIDING!!!