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The mission defines the role of the organization, justifies its existence and steers all the activities.

Established by the City of Montréal, the Société du parc Jean-Drapeau has a mission to preserve, plan, promote and develop this major urban park, oversee the healthy coexistence of activities which occur there and ensure its longevity for current and future generations.


The vision globally describes the image that the Parc wishes to become at the end of a 10-year horizon.

In 2030, Parc Jean-Drapeau has reinvented itself to become one of the parks that is emblematic of the city. The Parc is highly regarded for the diversity of its individual and collective experiences it offers in conjunction with nature, landscapes, history, culture and sports.

It is a laboratory of best practices in sustainable development; it celebrates its heritage; it is a distinctive destination; it is a source of pride for Montréal's society. It is an engaged leader, geared toward excellence, a unifier of partnerships and involved in its community.


The guiding principles serve as the rules of conduct and oversee the organization's operational process and major strategic decisions.

  • Respect the environment and ensure the ecological transition
  • Preserve the area and promote the heritage aspect
  • Promote diversity and inclusion
  • Strive for excellence, accountability and integrity in its practices
  • Act in partnership


The design principles translate the action rules which ensure the implementation of the development projects.

  1. Position the Parc on a metropolitan and regional scale
  2. Celebrate the Parc's insular nature
  3. Promote the rich patrimonial heritage
  4. Showcase the aquatic landscapes and their ecosystems
  5. Promote the diversity and connectivity of the ecosystems
  6. Ensure the continuity of the Parc's landscape experiences
  7. Emphasize the mobility experiences to discover the Parc

Areas of

The areas of development set the priorities of action from which the triennial action plans unfold

  • Infrastructures and buildings
  • Mobility
  • Layout
  • Programming
  • Sports and the urban outdoors


Strategic orientations provide the direction to follow to achieve the mission.

  • Sustainable development
  • Conservation
  • Open governance
  • Innovation
  • Citizens' experience
  • Reconciliation

Executive team

Management of Parc Jean-Drapeau is predicated on the park's vocation of administrating recreational as well as cultural activities, along with fulfilling its vision as a major international tourist destination.

With more than 80 events to host, the presence of major partners, and more than 65 buildings to administrate and maintain, the management of Parc Jean-Drapeau is notable for its experienced and well-rounded staff.

Under the leadership of the general manager, the guidelines and policies established by Parc Jean-Drapeau's board of directors are implemented by the various departments.

Véronique Doucet, B.A.A., M.A.P., ASC

Directrice générale

Josée Chiasson, MBA

Directrice générale adjointe — Développement et partenariats stratégiques

Lisiane Lafortune, CRIA

Directrice principale — Ressources humaines

Isabelle Mercille, Avocate, L.L.B.

Directrice principale — Communications et expérience citoyenne

Jean-François Mathieu, CPA, CMA

Directeur principal — Services administratifs

Nicolas Godin-Corriveau

Directeur principal — Exploitation

Marie-Claude Rioux

Directrice — Planification et partenariats stratégiques

Bertrand Houriez, ing., MBA

Directeur — Gestion de projets

David Bourget

Directeur principal adjoint — Exploitation

Philippe Valois

Directeur principal adjoint — Communications et expérience citoyenne

Board of directors

The SPJD's board of directors is named by the City of Montréal's Executive Committee. There are nine seats on the board, and the members oversee the governance of the Société and adopt the strategic guidelines implemented by the Société. Supported by the three committees in place, the board oversees the proper management of the Société.

The Société reports on a regular basis to the City of Montréal's Executive Committee, for its operational budget and financial results, as well as for the planning and management of the triennial capital expenditures program (PTI). Any expenditure exceeding two million dollars or any contract exceeding 5 years in length must be submitted to the City's Executive Committee for approval.

Karel Mayrand

CEO, Fondation du Grand Montréal


Daisy Dedeian

Vice President
Senior Director — Operational Risks, Desjardins.


Pierre Bouchard

Landscape Architect


Claude Michaud

Company administrator


Judy Sheehan

President, Gestion Humano


Soumya Tamouro, ASC

Vice-President Business Development at Sémaz and consultant for strategic, social innovation development and governance


Nathalie Hamel, LL.B, ASC

Director General Public Affairrs and External Communications, Autorité des marchés financiers


Luci Tremblay

Director, Strategy and Development, Montréal en Histoires (MEH), H2Emotion (H2E)


Paolo Di Pietrantonio, CPA, CA

Vice-President and Partner, Horwath HTL


Board committees


The governance committee is a board of directors' committee tasked with helping the board carry out its oversight duties by examining every aspect of the board's governance structure to ensure it is functioning in an efficient and effective manner in support of the Société du parc Jean-Drapeau's operations.

  • Nathalie Hamel, president
  • Soumya Tamouro, member
  • Karel Mayrand, member

Ressources humaines

The mandate of the human resources committee is to examine the guidelines and strategies in terms of the Société's human resources management, notably in the area of performance evaluation, employment succession planning, wage policies and overall practices in terms of the Société's human resources.

  • Judy Sheehan, president
  • Luci Tremblay, member
  • Pierre Bouchard, member


The audit committee is tasked with assisting the board of directors of the Société du parc Jean-Drapeau in carrying out its oversight duties regarding the quality and integrity of financial information by examining the financial documents and by making recommendations and providing advice on strategies, initiatives and policies relating to financial management and internal controls.

  • Claude Michaud, president
  • Daisy Dedeian, member
  • Paolo Di Pietrantonio, member


Getting to Pavillon du Canada

To make it easier to get around, here is the exact location of the administrative office at Parc Jean-Drapeau posted on Google Maps.

Subway Station

The Jean-Drapeau subway station on the Line 4 — Yellow is located on Île Sainte-Hélène, in the heart of Parc Jean-Drapeau. To get to the Parc easily and quickly, the subway is still the best way to go!

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River shuttle

During the summer season, Parc Jean-Drapeau visitors can use the river shuttle as a means of transportation, from the Vieux-Port de Montréal (Jacques-Cartier pier) and the city of Longueuil.

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STM shuttle

Three STM shuttles provide a connection between the Jean-Drapeau subway station and various attractions.

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The Parc is one of the few places where you can cross the Saint Lawrence River on your bike: simply take the bike paths of the Jacques Cartier Bridge, the Concorde Bridge or the Bike link.

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People can enjoy many of the cycling paths to get to or pass through the Parc Jean-Drapeau, either running or walking.

With more than 25 kilometres of trails and pathways, the Parc is a pleasant spot for hiking, all year round.


Motorists can get to Parc Jean-Drapeau by taking the Jacques Cartier Bridge or the Concorde Bridge.

Nearby parking area: P5

Rates and parking areas

Taxibus service

You can reserve a taxi for your travels at the Parc by using a valid STM transport fare.

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  • Subway
  • STM
  • River
  • Bike
  • Walking
  • Parking
  • Taxibus