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Frequently asked questions

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Here is a list of questions and answers most frequently asked by visitors at Parc Jean-Drapeau. If you have any additional questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service.

Parc Jean-Drapeau

  • Are there restrooms at the Parc?

    Yes. There are several sanitary blocks containing clean and safe toilets, in addition to those already accessible inside the sports, museum and entertainment facilities.

  • Is smoking or vaping permitted at the Parc?

    Yes, cigarette smoking is permitted at Parc Jean-Drapeau, except for certain areas.

    Under the provisions of the Tobacco Control Act1, smoking is prohibited in Parc facilities, and it is also prohibited within a nine-metre perimeter around the doors and windows of any building.

    Smoking is also prohibited within a nine-metre perimeter of outdoor areas operated as children's playgrounds, which includes the overall area of Jean-Doré Beach.

    Many areas with ashtrays have been set up at the Parc. Out of respect for nature and Parc users, please do not leave your cigarette butts on the ground.

  • Is smoking or vaping cannabis permitted at the Parc?

    The rules pertaining to cannabis differ from those regarding the consumption of tobacco.

    In the province of Québec, smoking or vaping cannabis in public areas, both indoors and outdoors, is prohibited. This consumption ban comprises the entire Parc Jean-Drapeau territory, including the public road.

    Please note this legislation apples to the Parc at all times, even during the events organized by the Société du parc Jean-Drapeau such as the Fêtes des neiges or Week-ends du monde, as well as any other event.

    If you see any non-compliance with the regulations, please contact Parc Jean-Drapeau's security department at 514 872-9999. The security department will take charge of communicating with the emergency services or the police, if required.

    Cannabis Regulation - Montréal

  • Are you allowed to consume alcohol at the Parc?

    Yes, you can drink alcoholic beverages with a meal while seated at a picnic table.

  • Are dogs allowed at the Parc?

    Dogs are permitted at the Parc in green spaces and on the trails provided they are kept on a leash. They are not allowed in the following Parc facilities and events:

    Jean-Doré Beach, Aquatic Complex, Athletes' Quarters, Week-ends du monde, Piknic Électronik, Osheaga Music Festival and Arts, ÎleSoniq et Heavy Montréal. And certain other smaller events

    Check with the promoter of the event if you have questions in this regard.

  • What are the Parc's hours of operation?

    Île Sainte-Hélène is accessible every day from 6 a.m. until midnight. Île Notre-Dame is accessible every day from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

  • Are we allowed to fish anywhere in the Parc?

    Parc Jean-Drapeau allows fishing on some of its banks overlooking the Saint Lawrence River. Please note people that fish are subject to the Ministère de la chasse et de la pêche (region 8) regulations, and thus they must hold a valid permit.

    And fishing is prohibited in the lakes, ponds and canals situated inside the Parc.

  • What is the size of Parc Jean-Drapeau?

    268 hectares comprising the two islands.

  • Can I fly a drone in the Park?

    The use of drones by individuals is strictly forbidden on the parc Jean-Drapeau site. For any professional drone request, please contact the Société Parc Jean-Drapeau's Center of Operations at 514 872-9999.

  • Can we camp at the Parc?

    Camping overnight at Parc Jean-Drapeau is prohibited.

  • Can we have a barbecue at the Parc?

    The use of a propane BBQ is permitted solely on the picnic tables. Charcoal cooking devices are not permitted.

Customer Service

  • How does one register a complaint?

    With Customer Service in the Contact us sections.

    In summer:

    1Information Center

    2Jean-Doré Beach

    3Aquatic Complex

  • Can a person pay by Interac?

    Usually, at the places where you pay, an Internac service is available. But the snack bar and river shuttle do not have this service.

  • Are there any ATM machines?

    It is possible to make withdrawals at the ATM machines located inside and according to the schedules of the following facilities:

    Information Center, Aquatic Complex, Jean-Doré Beach, Pavillon de la Tunisie and the Athletes' Quarters.

  • How to recover a lost item?

    If you lost an item while visiting Parc Jean-Drapeau, please fill out the form.


  • Is there a speed limit at Parc Jean-Drapeau?

    Yes, the speed limit throughout Parc Jean-Drapeau is 30 km/h, even on Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve.

  • Is it possible to ride a motorcycle in the Parc?

    In compliance with the City of Montréal by-law, motorcycle traffic is prohibited at all times on all Île Notre-Dame roadways.

    However, it is permitted on Île Sainte-Hélène, from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., if the entry and exit is done by the Jacques-Cartier Bridge.

  • Can a person rent golf carts?

    No, the golf carts you see on the grounds are for the use of Parc Jean-Drapeau employees.


  • Pourquoi est-il important de ne pas nourrir les animaux?

    Il est important de ne pas nourrir les animaux afin d'éviter de les rendre dépendant à la présence humaine pour s'alimenter! Les animaux se trouvant au parc Jean-Drapeau sont parfaitement capables de survivre en milieu naturel, vous leur rendez service en évitant de leur donner de la nourriture.


  • Can one park a camper van or any recreational vehicule at parc Jean-Drapeau?

    Yes, our parking areas can accommodate a "camper van or any recreational vehicule" but the it cannot remain there overnight.

  • Is it possible to get a parking pass?

    Yes, it is possible to obtain a monthly or annual parking pass for the P2, P4 and P7 at the Athletes' Quarters.

  • Are there any charging stations at Parc Jean-Drapeau for electric vehicles?

    Yes, there are charging stations at the Parc; one is located at the P2 Parking Lot, near the Athletes' Quarters, and there are also a few at the Casino de Montréal.

Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve

  • Can we drive on Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve?

    Yes, the race track is shared by cyclists, pedestrians, inline skates enthusiasts and motorists.

  • Are there any lockers available close to Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve for the use of visitors?

    No there are no lockers available in this area. But lockers are made available to clientele of the Beach and Aquatic Complex.

  • Is the circuit Gilles-Villeneuve multi-purpose track open in summer season only?

    The multi-purpose track of the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve is generally opened and maintained from April 15 to November 15. If favorable weather conditions allow for a longer opening period, the dates will be adjusted accordingly in the calendar.

Bike link and Route verte

  • Is the bike link open in summer season only?

    The bike link is generally opened and maintained from April 15 to November 15. If favorable weather conditions allow for a longer opening period, the dates will be adjusted accordingly in the calendar.

Jean-Doré Beach

  • Are we allowed to bring our own alcoholic drinks to the Beach?

    No, bringing your own alcoholic drinks to the Beach is prohibited. Only alcoholic drinks sold at the bar-terrace are authorized. All containers, bags and coolers will be searched at the entrance to the Beach.

  • What bus does one take to get to the Beach?

    The 768 shuttle bus in the summer season only. Routes and schedules.

  • Can we rent boats?

    Yes, please consult the Canoes, kayaks & pedal boats page.

  • Is it allowed to smoke at the Beach?

    Under the Tobacco Control Act, smoking is prohibited at Jean-Doré Beach. People who wish to smoke must leave the Beach area and go to the designated zones.

  • Are dogs allowed at the Beach?

    All dogs are allowed at the Parc, except at the Beach, the Aquatic Complex and the Athletes' Quarters, provided they are kept on a leash.

  • What is the procedure if it's raining at the Beach?

    The decision on whether to open or close the Beach is made very early in the morning, based on the forecasts of weather conditions to come, and the decision is definitive. If the weather is uncertain, please contact us at 514 872-0199 before you leave for the Beach.

  • What happens if weather conditions worsen as the day goes along?

    If there is a light rain, the facility will remain open, but if it is stormy and thundering, the Beach will remain closed temporarily. If weather conditions don't improve, we reserve the right to close access to the water areas and safely accompany visitors to the exit.

  • Am I entitled to a refund if the Beach needs to be evacuated?

    If weather conditions force us to close the Beach during the day for safety reasons, every customer that has bought an admission ticket for the day will be reimbursed.


  • Is it possible to rent a hall or site at Parc Jean-Drapeau?

    Yes, please consult the Venues page.

Online store

  • What web browsers are supported by the online purchase platform?

    Use a recent browser for a seamless buying experience : Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera

  • Is it possible to change the date on my ticket?

    The option to change the date on a ticket is only available to people who have created an account on the online store before purchasing the ticket.

    To create an account: click here

  • I didn't receive an email confirmation of my purchase.

    1 Check to make sure the email confirmation of purchase didn't end up in your spam emails.

    2 Verify whether the email address is right and if you are able to access the WEB platform of your messaging software, click on connect and check whether your email confirmation of purchases appears there.

    3 If it doesn't appear there, go back to the platform of the online shop and connect to your account by clicking on Access my account and enter your email address and password. Then click again on your name, in the upper part of the basket and click on My account. Click on Sales history and select the transaction. This will enable you to click on the Resend receipt button. You should again receive your purchase confirmation.

  • I am unable to make a purchase on the online platform.

    1 First, make sure the person doing the buying is the same person making the payment (the same credit-card holder).

    2 Make sure the first and last name and postal code are the same as that showing on your credit card account statement.

    3 You took more than 15 minutes to make your purchase. After 15 minutes, the system automatically resets your session and removes the items in your basket. You have to redo the transaction from the start.

    4 If the credit card you used expires in the same month as your purchase, it might happen that the purchase is declined. We suggest you use another credit card if such a situation occurs.

    5 Your credit card is declined due to a lack of funds or because it was deactivated or for any other reason. If this happens, we suggest you contact your credit card issuer to resolve the problem.

  • I get an error message when I am making the payment.

    1 If you are using a smart phone such as iPhone 5 (or earlier versions) or iPad Air 1 (or earlier versions), Apple no longer supports these models. We are thus unable to guarantee the online purchase platform will work properly on your web browser. If this is the case, we suggest using a more recent computer or smart phone.

    2 If you are using an Android smart phone or tablet (version 6 or earlier), we cannot guarantee the online purchase platform will work properly on your device. If possible, we suggest using a more recent computer, tablet or smart phone.

    3 Clear your web browser's history. If you are using an iPhone, go into Settings, Safari, scroll down to Delete browsing history and click on Delete data. On the other platforms, refer to the documentation of your web browser.

  • I am unable to take a photo with my smart phone or tablet when I select "Take My Photo".

    1 Make sure your browser is permitted to use your device's camera. For Apple devices, go into Settings, Privacy, Camera and make sure your browser is authorized.

    2 Use another browser or computer.

  • I am unable to create my customer account because the system is showing my email address is already being used.

    You have already created an account using this email address. To reset your password, click on the I forgot my password button. Make sure your email address, your first and last name are identical to that which you used when originally creating your account.

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2020-2030 Conservation, Design and Development Management Plan


  • In the future, will it still be possible to get to Parc Jean-Drapeau by car?

    Yes, it will still be possible to get to Sainte-Hélène and Notre-Dame islands by car, even beyond 2030. The Management Plan foresees reducing the footprint of the parking areas that are currently spread out in various places, and which take up a lot of asphalted space. The plan is to centralize them into various mobility areas, notably near the Casino and La Ronde.

  • When will some of the parking lots be removed?

    The various work related to the Management Plan is being scheduled in many production phases and they were designed so they would have the least possible impact on the Parc's visitors and activities and ensure accessibility to the Parc. You can find all the details about the phases and production in the Phasing and funding section of our website. The Parc's staff will keep visitors and all its partners informed about the work which will be going on.

  • Why remove car access to the Parc and eliminate these parking areas?

    There will still be car access to the two islands. During the public consultations held on the future of Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montrealers told us about the increased presence of parking areas in the Parc and the omnipresence of the car. What the Plan is aiming to do is reduce the footprint of the parking areas and consolidate them into certain areas to give back the green spaces to Parc users.

    And, as was the case, notably at Expo 67, we want the users' park-wide mobility to become an attraction for coming to the site. Moreover, we know that part of the response to the current climate crisis is through the deployment of sustainable mobility.

  • Have you thought about parking areas during major events?

    Yes, we have. All the Parc's partners are involved in the thought process and the implementing of various arrangements related to mobility. Many studies have been conducted and various aspects are still being analyzed to consider visitors' needs, transportation habits and traffic at different key periods.

  • Are measures being planned to ensure universal accessibility to the various developments?

    Yes, universal accessibility and social inclusion are at the core of our deliberations regarding the developments set out in Parc Jean-Drapeau's Management Plan. We want all the facilities and developments to be accessible to everyone.

Major events

  • Does the new Management Plan mean this is the end of major events and festivals at Parc Jean-Drapeau?

    No, quite the opposite, in fact! Major events have been part of Parc Jean-Drapeau's DNA since Expo 67, and it will continue to be with this Management Plan. Already, $133 million has been invested to implement world-class infrastructures such as the new paddocks for the Canadian Grand Prix and Espace 67 for the major events.

    Revitalizing Place des Nations will also enable the accommodating of 7,000 people for concerts or other events, along with other places specially set up to host events. The objective of the Plan is to strike a better balance between the Parc's various uses.

    This is what is planned: ensure world-class infrastructures for the major events and private promoters and give back the Parc's natural spaces to fulfill its vocation as a great urban park, for the benefit of visitors and citizens.

Design, phasing, budget and funding

  • Will the work extend right up to 2030? And how much is all this going to cost?

    The Management Plan proposes a vision over the next 10 years for the conservation, design and development of the Parc. Many production phases are in the Plan for the various development projects. You can find out all the details about these phases on our website in the Phasing and funding section. It also has all the details on cost estimates for the overall plan. Parc Jean-Drapeau's will keep its partners involved and informed as the production and development of these various projects go along.

  • What are the decisions in this Plan based on?

    Parc Jean-Drapeau's 2020-2030 Conservation, Design and Development Management Plan is the culmination of more than three years of work, research, studies and, particularly, a public consultation that brought together some 6,000 people, the biggest consultation ever conducted by the Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM). The orientations, the vision and the developments set out in this Plan are the result of an incomparable citizens' thought process! All the Parc's partners and Montrealers will continue to be involved in the fulfillment of this Plan.

The future of certain facilities

  • What is going to happen to the Stewart Museum?

    The Stewart Museum contains a huge part of the history of île Sainte-Hélène. We have started a major thought process about the new vocation of the fort since its closure. An announcement will be made once we have established a clear and definitive vision.

  • What is going to happen to the Biosphere?

    On April 12, 2021, Canadian Heritage, the Ministère de l'Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques and the City of Montréal announced it is bringing the Biosphere's operations into the City of Montréal's Space for Life Museum. The Biosphere, which is the only environment museum in North America, will be able to resume its activities once its integration into the City of Montréal's operations is completed.

    More details

Sports practice

  • Is the space devoted to practicing sports going to remain the same?

    Yes, we hope to preserve the top-notch, high-calibre infrastructures for committed and casual sports enthusiasts alike. Many kilometres of walking and biking trails are going to be added, and new sports practices are going to be encouraged (cross-country skiing and skating, for example). Many all-purpose trails and bike paths on the islands and their perimeter are going to be added.

  • Are there going to be any facilities for the practice of all-season sports?

    We are fortunate in that we are already able to count on top-notch sports infrastructures. The objective is to maximize the use and develop the practice of winter sports activities. We already tried out some winter sports activities in 2020 with a new offer (cross-country skiing, fat bike, skating, snowshoeing, trails set up, bird watching places, etc.).

    Many all-purpose trails and bike paths on the islands and their perimeter are going to be added, so that people will be able to do sports and outdoor activities all year long. We are also planning to turn the canals on île Notre-Dame into a skating rink in the wintertime.

Customer Service

To obtain more details or for any request for information, do not hesitate to contact us.